About Spectrum HR Solutions

  • We are HR experts who care about people who care. Working with Spectrum HR Solutions means partnering with a team of HR subject matter experts who have your best interests at heart.
  • Our goal is to ensure the continued effectiveness and motivation of your employees – a loyalty that is nurtured each day through HR practices that support shared goals and a mutual commitment to growth.
  • Serving clients since 2004, we provide a full spectrum of human resource solutions to corporate, government and non-profit clients who are committed to employee growth, retention and wellness to create a happier, more productive workforce.
  • Spectrum HR Solutions proudly claims a 100% client satisfaction rate, and 100% of clients surveyed stated they would refer us again. Our team seeks to both understand and anticipate your needs – empowering you to achieve your greatest successes. That means we offer creative, flexible, full-service HR strategy and implementation that is scalable based on your needs.
  • Whether it’s a short or long-term project, an interim replacement for regular HR staff, supplemental support, or strategic HR advisors, we look forward to giving our 100% for you.

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Spectrum HR Solutions is Excited to Celebrate its 15 Year Anniversary