In The Community

Direct Impact

Community outreach is something that we are committed to at Spectrum HR Solutions. It makes us better as individuals and as strategic solutions providers. Our initiatives focus on creating a direct impact for young people entering the workforce to help them stand out, get employment, and reach their career and life goals.

Molding the Next Generation of Leaders

By providing youngsters with training, leadership skills and civic engagement opportunities, our communities grow stronger, and we’re molding the next generation of business-minded leadership.

Chairman Brenda McChriston’s work with the Society for Human Resources Management Maryland State Council creates connections between students and prospective employers – creating job opportunities and fueling economic growth. And through the Passport to the Future Program, business owners like Brenda are actively involved in reviewing and crafting the course curriculum for Howard County Public School students in grades 10-12. The goal is to ensure that the coursework teaches students the skills they need to be a highly qualified hire, ready to meet and exceed the demands of today’s prospective employers.

This kind of innovative career development is igniting workforce development in a completely new way, and Spectrum HR Solutions is proud to play such an active role in molding educational opportunities for youngsters.

Corporate Social Responsibility Makes Sense

We know that engaging with the community translates into a finely tuned understanding of the needs of the communities we serve, and never has that principle been in practice more in the business community than today. We see growth of corporate social responsibility programs within the organizations we work with each day, and we’re thrilled to see that industry is moving in the direction we so ardently support.

Spectrum HR Solutions is proud to be currently affiliated with the following organizations:

  • Howard County Human Resources Society
  • Leadership Maryland
  • Leadership Howard County
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center
  • Columbia Pro Cantare
  • Howard County Public Schools/Career Research and Development

Spectrum HR Solutions is Excited to Celebrate its 15 Year Anniversary