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You’re overwhelmed by a mountain of files.

Records are piling up in your storage closet, but you’re afraid to discard them in case you might need them.  There’s no real organized structure, and confidential information is in there somewhere.  You think.

Filing, organizing, analyzing and handling backlog of employee files is time consuming, labor-intensive, and a magnet for clutter.  And confidentiality issues abound.

The challenge is this: it’s not just clutter.

It’s documentation that you might need in the future – for audits, to reference for best practices, or if legal issues arise.

Spectrum HR Solutions’ just-in-time team of HR administrative professionals can sift through those employee files, organize them, and analyze their contents to help you systematically decide what stays and what goes.  And, we’ll help you set up the right systems to manage those files moving forward.  So, instead of managing piles of files, you can focus on the important things – like growing your business.


  • Personnel record analysis/employee file audit
  • Systems development to establish best practices for HR file keeping and sorting
  • Human resources files organization
  • Storage solution management systems
  • Process improvement

Get out from under the piles today.  Let us Lighten It Up for you.

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