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It’s not enough to put a warm body in a chair.

And you need to keep your existing team challenged, growing, up-to-date on best practices, and happy.

We help you find the talent who can get the job done AND who “gets” what your company and customers need.

Contact us today to develop a comprehensive benefits and compensation strategy (these alone make up 70-80% of your budget), and training programs to keep your most valuable assets – your people – feeling valued, motivated.


Getting the “right” person for your team can be time-consuming and complex. But it’s essential to your business success, and can be even more time and resource-consuming if you make the wrong hire.

Our dedicated team of search professionals immerse themselves in your business culture, and assess the skill set required for the job – whether for a short-term assignment, or a long-term, in-house placement. From there, we connect you with the right candidates, screen them, and assist with negotiations to get them in the door and working to help you achieve your business objectives.

Let us help you land your next great hire.


You need a strong team to grow your business, but first need to identify the best way to grow for your company. Your team wasn’t chosen “off the shelf,” and you need a customized solution that addresses your team’s specific needs. Enter Spectrum’s full range of retention and training services, built with you in mind to:

  • Equip managers with the essential tools to communicate with employees and lead effectively
  • Clarify company objectives, vision and value framework
  • Operationalize your company’s value framework so that it lives and breathes – not just as a static document on the wall, but through the most functional channels, including in policies, handbooks, processes, and in-person
  • Improve workforce performance through training programs that address your individual employees’ needs – whether in customer service/experience, or effectively managing different personalities and cultural backgrounds in the workplace

Spectrum can help retain and train your most valuable players – your employees – and improve performance and the bottom line. Contact us today to find out how.

Spectrum HR Solutions now conducting Workplace Harassment & Violence Prevention Training