Employee Handbooks

Employee handbook = clearly communicated expectations up front and throughout entire employee/employer engagement.

No employee handbook = confusion, liability, you see the pattern…

This is not a tough choice, but we understand that you’re very busy and your time is valuable, so we’ll get to the point. This is what a well-thought-out, strategically aligned employee handbook can (and should) do for your organization:

  • Outline your company’s vision, mission and value framework so that employees can adopt them as their own.
  • Clearly communicate expectations – both what employees can expect from the company, and what the company expects from them.
  • Describe legal rights as an employer, and outline employees’ rights.
  • Outline performance metrics, compensation schedules and legal requirements, holidays and leave policies, as well as information on benefits packages.
  • Provide clarity on policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, including ADA, OSHA, FMLA, EEO, among others.
  • Outline safety and security policies and procedures that lay out expectations as well as steps employees can take to ensure compliance.
  • Give details on your company’s standards of conduct, including everything from dress code, to culture, ethical considerations, and regulatory obligations where applicable.

Creating an effective employee handbook shouldn’t be an afterthought, and it doesn’t need to be burdensome. Let us lighten it up for you.

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